Print Clothes with Screen printing VS Digital printing

When you make a decision to produce a t t-shirt with a personalized design, there are two various printing options for your t t-shirt, screen printing and also digital printing. This article will assist you determine which approach would certainly be best for your style.

Screen Printing

Screen printing VS Digital Printing
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What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the extra common approach of printing designs on different garments. The screen printing process uses woven mesh and ink-blocking patterns to produce the design.

Pros of Screen Printing

– This method is much more inexpensive, particularly with bigger orders

– Produces a premium quality print

– Prints are long long-term

– Can be made use of on items with unique forms or on details areas of an item of clothing

– Looks properly

Disadvantages of Screen Printing

– Can not produce high resolution information, like from photographs

– Might have shade limitations

Digital Printing

Screen printing VS Digital Printing
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Exactly What is Digital Printing?

In digital printing, the printing process makes use of a printer head to apply ink straight onto your garments or other various apparel. It works the like your paper printer in the house, just this printer is developed to print on fabric.

Pros of Digital Printing

– Great for tiny orders

– Could reveal the finer details of pictures

– Soft to the touch

– Design lays flat

Disadvantages of Digital Printing

– Specific color matching not ensured

– Printing area dimension is limited to size of the printer or it’s set-up

– Large orders can be less price effective

– Printer details ink can be more costly

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